vTesting - Online Assessment System & Easy Test Maker for creating Exams,Quizzes and Assessments

Whether you are doing a pre employment assessment for potential employees or conducting an internal assessment for your employees, vTesting helps in rapid creation and delivery of exams and quizzes online. Read  Case Study - Shorten Recruitment Cycle to know how vTesting can help achieve this in recruiting employees through an online test

For Institutions, vTesting helps in reducing the cost of providing online practice tests to their students and lets them focus on their trainings.
Create Question Bank

  Have your own set of questions? - Load them using the simple editor tool provided by vTesting
  Don't want to load each question separately? - Upload bulk set of questions using Excel
  Don't have your own questions to load? - Select from our database of questions
  Create questions under different topics
  Types of Questions you can create - Multiple Choice (MC), True/False, Fill In the Blank, Long / Descriptive Questions
  Can I create Reading Comprehension type of Questions? - Yes, for each question, a 'Reference Notes' can be provided. The Reading Comprehension paragraph can be added under 'Reference Notes'
  Can we load images as part of the question? - Yes, images can be created as part of a question or answer choices
Create & Configure Exam

  Can I create an Exam with different sections? - Yes, you can create a section-wise exam
  Do you store and show section-wise scores? - Yes, if you created sections and created a section-wise exam
  Can I restrict test taker based on IP Address? - Yes, you can configure the range of IP Addresses from which the test has to be taken on a per exam basis
  Can I restrict going back to a previous question? - Yes, this can be switched on/off for each exam
  Is there a provision for negative marking? - Yes, marks and negative marks can be set for each question in an exam
Exam Paper Features

  Exam Paper is a clean page shown to test taker without the distraction of any clickable links
  Timer Constrained Exam Paper
  MC, True/False, Fill in the Blank Questions evaluated automatically
  Is copy/paste allowed? - No
  Can the test taker take the exam more than once? - It depends on the type of exam. If you create it as 'Practice Test', then YES. If you create it as 'Final Test', then NO.
  What will happen if the test taker closes the exam paper window? - The score is not logged. If it is a 'Final Test', then the exam can't be started again.
Insightful Analytics

  Select an exam and view performance of each test taker by raw scores
  View performance of a test taker in each section
  Bar charts that show a test taker's performance across various exams
  Pie charts that show performance of all test takers in an exam
  Select an exam to see section-wise performance of all test takers
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