vTesting - Online Assessment System & Easy Test Maker for creating Exams,Quizzes and Assessments

For Organizations:

Adopting vTesting reduces recruitment cycle (both time and effort) by around 40% to 50%

Read  Case Study - Shorten Recruitment Cycle to know how vTesting can help achieve this in recruiting employees through an online test

For Training Institutions:

Internal Assessments can be conducted for students using various types of tests - quizzes, assignments, exams

vTesting reduces the cost of providing online practice tests to students and lets institutions focus on their course delivery.

See below for some of the features and snapshots

  Create MC, True/False, Fill In the Blank Questions for automatic evaluation
  Create Long Questions for manual evaluation
  Set Difficulty Level for each question
  Load images as part of the question or answers
  Add Reference Notes for each question
  Create 4-choice or 5-choice MC Questions
  Optionally, bulk upload questions from excel file

  Create Practice Tests or Final Tests
  Configure Time Limit for each Exam
  Allow/Disallow Navigation across questions in the Exam
  Configure Showing Score for the Test Taker for each Exam