vStudyroom is a content based e-learning solution with a focus on providing practice for various competitive examinations. vStudyroom provides an online examination platform where learners can take practice tests created for competitve exams.

Our in-house team consists of people with vast experience in the field of education. They have ensured that all the relevant topics are covered while creating the exams with a wide variety of practice questions. New questions are continuously added to our existing repository of more than 10,000 questions. This ensures that learners have enough practice to improve their performance in these exams.

And vStudyroom is an absolutely FREE resource.       So, signup, signin and start practising at vStudyroom.



  •        Comprehensive coverage of various topics with lots of practice questions with solutions and explanatory answers

  •        Take a test any number of times and improve your performance through practice

  •       Learners credited with points (credits that can later be redeemed for interesting merchandise.Visit the site for more details.) for all the actions like taking a test, taking a quiz, inviting a friend etc.

  •        Short Quizzes, 'Do you know' and 'Question of the day' add to the fun of practising tests online

  •        Monitor Performance using graphs

    o    Track performance in various tests

    o    Comparative charts showing performance across the learner group taking the same test.

  •        Bulletin Board showing notices on all upcoming and important examinations.

  •        Forums to discuss your problems with other learners and to solve other learners' problems

  •        Teasers to test your problem solving skills



  •        Improve your performance in competitive examinations

  •        Participate in forums and discuss and solve problems together with your friends online

  •        No special installation required on your computer

  •        Accessible from anywhere, anytime

  •        Any new Tests added in a specific course are available instantaneously to learners


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