vLearningPro - Online LMS for Organizations

For Organizations:
Offering courses online using vLearningPro brings down the cost of trainings in organizations
Eliminate or reduce the need for mobilizing resources for classroom trainings
The strong assessment platform (vTesting fully integrated into vLearningPro) helps in conducting internal assessments for employees
Managers can plan development path of employees by monitoring courses completed, tracking performance and mapping skill levels to roles
See below for some of the features and snapshots
Deliver Learning Content Online

  Create course content using simple editor
  Upload content as text, youtube videos, flash or other video formats, pdf files or attachments
  Create SCORM courses or Topic based courses
  Load images as part of course content
  Bookmark a topic and return to it later
  Make notes and save for ready reference later

Create & Configure Exam In Easy Steps

  Create Practice Tests or Final Tests
  Configure Time Limit for each Exam
  Allow/Disallow Navigation across questions in the Exam
  Configure Showing Score for the Test Taker for each Exam

Manage Employee Skills and Roles

  Create Skills & Roles
  Define Desired Skill Level for each Skill
  Map the skills for each employee
  Nominate employees for courses to fill skill gap
  Monitor performance and reassess skill
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