For an educational institution it is important to put its human and material resources to the best possible use through efficient planning and allocation. It becomes even more crucial as the organization scales up its operations and a better visibility over its resources is needed. There will be very high demand for using the resources optimally as these resources are acquired at high investments. Resources like faculty and classrooms need proper planning to avoid overlapping of allocation. For an institution with a large influx of students it is important to keep track of students and the batches being run at different times. Huge paperwork only adds to the prevailing inefficiency of integrating multiple data points.

hubVirt Scheduler helps educational institutions in planning and scheduling their resource utilization. It helps keep track of the availability of each resource, utilization period, schedule of each resource, etc. This would help the institution in determining how best it can put to use its infrastructure and in planning for expansion in advance. While organizations can focus on their core business, which is providing quality education to their students, hubVirt Scheduler takes the burden of centrally planning and scheduling operations of various centers of an educational institution, off these organizations.


  •   Centralized data with role based control for administrators and users

  •   Define resource types and manage them

  •   Granular definition of the various offerings by an educational institute in terms of Programs, Courses and Topics

  •   Manage student data and schedule batches

  •   Define multiple centers and track batches being run from multiple centers

  •   Schedule resources like classrooms and faculty

  •   Schedule classes for faculty

  •   Track the courses/ topics covered till date for a particular student/ batch/ faculty

  •   Check availability of resources at any point in time

  •   Check past utilization of resources

  •   Scalable for multiple users



  •   Helps in planning, scheduling and optimal utilization of resources

  •   Easy to use interface that gives a standard experience across all functions

  •   Resource-wise reports generated which can be downloaded or emailed

  •   Reduced cost of adopting technology

  •   Reduced investment on IT resources - no installation or maintenance required

  •   Security and accessibility of data

  •   Instant access to new features and free upgrades



  •   Email access to support available 24X7

  •   Support Team is available through online support forum most of the time

  •   Support Team is available on call Monday to Friday: 9AM to 9PM (IST)

  •   Help or Training for transition offered to companies on request (contact our Sales team for further details)

  •   Consulting services available on request (contact our Sales team for further details)


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