• vLearningPro
    LMS for Small & Medium Organizations
  • vLearning
    LMS for Educational Institutions
  • vTesting
    Online Exam & Assessment Platform

LMS, Exam & Assessment Platform

vLearning - LMS for Educational Institutions for delivering courses and conducting exams and assignments online

vLearningPro - LMS for Organizations for conducting internal trainings and assessments

vTesting - Exclusive Exam and Assessment Platform for conducting exams, quizzes, assessments

FREE Resources

vScheduler for resource / sessions scheduling

vNotice A simple bulletin board for communication between schools and parents

vStudyroom, a question bank based solution with practice tests covering competitive exams

Consulting Services

Knowledge Management processes

Identifying Technology requirements for LMS & e-Learning needs

Cloud-based, SaaS Applications

Content Management Services

vLearning vLearning

Learning Management System (LMS) for Educational and Training Institutions. It helps an institute create its courseware once and deliver (including SCORM 1.2 courses, see SCORM FAQ) to any number of batches, conduct quizzes, assignments and exams online without worrying about scaling up infrastructure or spending on maintenance. With vScheduler and vTesting integrated into it, vLearning becomes a powerful tool to supplement classroom sessions with online courses.

vLearningPro vLearningPro

Learning Management System (LMS) for organizations. Using vLearningPro, organizations can conduct pre employment assessments, create & deliver course content (including SCORM 1.2 courses, see SCORM FAQ) online to employees for their internal trainings and map employee skills & roles by tracking performance in completed courses. With vScheduler and vTesting integrated into it, vLearningPro becomes a powerful tool for streamlining knowledge management function in an organization.

vTesting vTesting

An exclusive Examination and Assessment platform for Educational & Training Institutions and Organizations. vTesting helps in offering various types of exams online. With its comprehensive features including ability to create sections within an exam, differential marking and negative marking for each question, configurable scaled scores, timed tests etc, this online exam platform enables rapid creation and delivery of exams. Read  Case Study - Shorten Recruitment Cycle for understanding how vTesting can help reduce time and effort during pre employment assessment, through an online test.

vScheduler vScheduler

Scheduling software for Educational Institutions. vScheduler, a FREE resource from hubVirt, helps in scheduling sessions and managing the limited resources like centers, classrooms and faculty. vScheduler streamlines the information flow in institutions and will help in improving productivity and ability to compete with peers.

vNotice vNotice

A simple online bulletin board for Educational Institutions. vNotice, a FREE resource from hubVirt, helps institutions in publishing notices to parents. Parents can contact institution's administration with a specific query or create a discussion that other parents can respond to. vNotice also lets institutions to upload students' marks in various exams.

vStudyroom vStudyroom

vStudyroom is a content based e-learning solution with a focus on providing practice for various competitive examinations. vStudyroom, a FREE resource from hubVirt, provides an online examination platform where learners can take practice tests created for competitve exams.

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