Frequently Answered Questions

1.     How do I subscribe/register for a product/application?

Subscription: Click on the link 'Register' present at the top right corner on the Home page. Fill in the required details in the form, select a product that you would like to subscribe to and the 'Payment Plan'. Click on 'Submit'.

Authorisation: After verification of the details entered on the form, you will be authorised to make payment. If authorised, a user id and password will be sent to the email id given during registration.

Payment: You can send us Cheque/DD to make payment offline. Once the payment is made and received, you will be given access to the application.

For 'Free Trial', you will be able to access the application as soon as you are authorised.

A user of a company registering from 'Register' link will be considered the Administrator of that company. There can be only one Administrator for a company. Other users for the company can be created by the Administrator from a separate screen.

2.     Should each user in a company register separately?

The registration process given in 'FAQ 1' is only for the Administrator of a company. Once the Administrator is authorised and a user id/password received, the administrator can login and create other users. The pricing is based on slabs of number of users. Hence separate payment for each user is not required.

3.     How do I register for free trial?

During registration process, select 'Free Trial' for the application(s) that you would like to try. We will send you a user id and password to the email id that you have used to register. Use it to login and try the applications for a limited period of time. Do give us your feedback so that we can continue to provide the best possible services. Only the Administrator for a company can use the application in 'Free Trial' mode. If the Administrator wants to add other users, those users should be subscribed for 'Annual' payment plan.

If you want to move from 'Free Trial' to 'Annual' payment plan, we will raise an invoice and you can continue to use the application after payment.

4.     Can I change my subscription later?

If you want to subscribe to another application, please contact our Support team. Please make necessary arrangements for saving the data of the applications that are currently in use before unsubscribing.

5.     How do I know which LMS to subscribe for: vLearning or vLearningPro?

If you are an institute or training consultancy firm offering courses and training students who enrol with your institute, vLearning is the right product. If you are an enterprise intending to train your internal employees, vLearningPro is the right product.

Please take a look at the detailed feature list of each product to make an informed decision. The details are available under the 'Products' tab.

6.     How do I pay for the applications that I have chosen?

We give our customers all possible payment options. Payments can be made offline through Demand Drafts or Cheques. Demand drafts/ Cheques should be made in favour of 'Aaraat Convenience Services Pvt. Ltd.' payable at Bangalore.

7.     What if I need to change the number of users?

Please get in touch with our Support team who will guide you through the process. You can use 'Contact Us' form on the website or 'Support' form after you login or call us (Our contact numbers are provided on the customer home page once you login).

8.     What is the hardware or software required to use the applications?

Any normal desktop or laptop with an internet connection and a javascript enabled browser are all you need to use the application(s). We recommend Internet Explorer 7.0 and above for best possible view and usage of application(s). The application(s) is/are accessible from anywhere 24x7.

9.     How can I upgrade my product to latest versions?

One of the benefits of a SaaS model is that the user is not burdened with upgrades or service packs. The upgrades that happen from time to time are transparent to the customer and do not hinder application access and usage. Customers will always access the latest version available. The enhancements will be posted from time to time on 'Aaraat blog', the link to which is available on all pages. In case of any scheduled downtime for maintenance or other purposes, customers will find such notifications on 'Aaraat blog'.

10.     How can I train my users regarding the system?

Help files are available on every screen. You would also receive a comprehensive User Manual after payment authorization. The interface is user friendly and easy-to-understand. Please do get in touch with our support team for any further queries or clarifications.

11.   How many users can use each application that I subscribe for?

Since one user id is provided per user, more than one person cannot login using the same user id simultaneously. The number of users is limited to what has been mentioned at the time of registration. There is no limit to the number of subscribed users for a company in 'Unlimited' payment plan.

12.   How do I ensure the safety and security of my data?

Your data will be maintained with strict confidence at our end and handled with utmost security. The data of each customer is maintained in a separate database schema and hence there is no question of one customer's data getting mixed up with another customer's data. You can also request for backups or archives of your data intermittently or whenever you want to unsubscribe. For further details, please check our privacy policy.