1. For accessing the application in the best possible manner

- Check whether the Internet Explorer used is of version 7.0 or above
- Check whether Javascript is enabled in the browser ( Tools -> Internet options -> Security -> Custom Level -> Scripting -> Enable the option 'Active Scripting' or the option 'Java Scripting')
- Clear history of the browser before accessing any of the applications. Clear browsing history, cookies, stored passwords, temporary internet files and saved form data.
- Refresh the page (F5 button)

2. Cannot access the application shown in the left hand side menu or cannot see applications in the left hand menu

- Check whether payment has been made for you to access the applications. In case the payment has been made offline (either through cheque or DD), please wait for couple of days and try accessing the application again.
- If there are no issues with the payment and you are getting a page error, please contact Aaraat Support Team.

3. Cannot see the latest alerts/ updates on webpage

- Your browser might be displaying the page from cache. Please refresh (F5) the page or logout and login again.

4. Cannot see the help files or other pop up windows

- Your browser might be blocking the pop up window which shows the discussion threads. Ensure that pop ups are not blocked. In IE 7.0 and above, go to Tools-> Turn off Pop up blocker. Refresh the screen (F5) and check again.

5. Please Note:

- After registering, go to the payment/ invoice screen to check your payment details. Only after the payment is received, you are given access to the application(s).
- Please update your profile details wherever and whenever applicable.

If the tips given above do not work or lead to a page error, report the problem in feedback form. You can also send an email to